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July 22nd, 2006

lol i'm such a punk rawk hippie

drunkenatheist in abortion_info

Abortion Rallies Continue - WLBT.com


Abortion Rallies Continue

Saturday should mark the last of an eight-day run of protests in Jackson by the pro-choice movement. Demonstrators have been pushing for the closing of the state's only abortion clinic on State Street.

Again Saturday morning a group gathered outside the clinic. They played music, held signs, and recited bible verses, hoping to spread their message to women visiting the center. Saturday's demonstration was low-key compared to some of the more spirited protests held over the past eight days. One man WLBT talked to says he tries to counsel women every week as they visit the clinic.

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lol i'm such a punk rawk hippie

drunkenatheist in abortion_info

Senate wades back into abortion debate - AP via Yahoo!News


Senate wades back into abortion debate

By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press WriterFri Jul 21, 2:00 PM ET

The Senate reopened the abortion debate Friday in advance of the midterm elections, this time over a bill that would make it a federal crime to take a teenager across state lines to end a pregnancy without a parent's knowledge.

Supporters of the bill say such incidents often occur when a girl, or the man involved, wants to evade homestate parental consent laws. Opponents say the bill would make criminals of well-meaning confidants, such as relatives and clergy members, who might help a pregnant teen whose parents are abusive.

Much of the discussion Friday concerned how to balance a parent's right to know with a woman's right to end a pregnancy as spelled out by the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

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