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Abortion Rallies Continue - WLBT.com


Abortion Rallies Continue

Saturday should mark the last of an eight-day run of protests in Jackson by the pro-choice movement. Demonstrators have been pushing for the closing of the state's only abortion clinic on State Street.

Again Saturday morning a group gathered outside the clinic. They played music, held signs, and recited bible verses, hoping to spread their message to women visiting the center. Saturday's demonstration was low-key compared to some of the more spirited protests held over the past eight days. One man WLBT talked to says he tries to counsel women every week as they visit the clinic.

"We're optimistic because we see the hearts of America changing. We see people realizing abortion is not good for mothers. We understand now clearly that an abortion is killing people," said Roy McMillin.

Later Saturday morning a group called Radical Women marched to the capitol in support of abortion. They're fighting efforts to close the clinic. Pro-choice groups have been countering the pro-life demonstrations in Jackson. They say the reproductive rights of women have been under attack.
"I don't think they made any public relations inroads, but I'm not fooling myself. We stopped them this time, but groups like this aren't going to stop coming back until they're publicly repudiated by a real mass movement," stated Muffy Sunde of Radical Women.

This pro-choice demonstration was also peaceful and low-key.


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