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Denial by abortion accused - The Sidney Morning Herald


Denial by abortion accused
Geesche Jacobsen
July 21, 2006

THE doctor accused of performing an illegal abortion and killing a premature baby told a NSW Medical Board inquiry she did not do abortions beyond 20 weeks' gestation because it was not covered by her insurance.

In a document tendered at her Supreme Court trial, Suman Sood denied acting improperly when treating a 20-year-old woman.

The woman has testified that Sood had agreed to perform an abortion when she was 23 weeks' pregnant, gave her a tablet vaginally and orally, and sent her home. She delivered the baby boy in a toilet 13 hours later.

"At no time did I agree to perform a [termination of pregnancy] for this patient or did I give her any medication which would have that effect. I didn't administer anything in the patient's vagina. I didn't ask for, or receive, any money," Sood told the medical board hearing in 2002.

"I'm anxious to address the matter … I have done nothing in any way improper or inappropriate concerning this patient."

Sood told the board that during the first consultation in May 2002, the patient told her she had only just found out she was pregnant. "At this time I said: 'Don't you think this is a bit of a rushed decision? … If you want to have a termination you would have to go to Brisbane … You should go home and think about it.' "

Sood said she asked a nurse to discuss the risks with the woman. She told her to return the following Tuesday if she still wanted a referral to Queensland.

But the woman returned on Monday, when the practice was normally closed, complaining of abdominal pain, Sood told the board. She examined her, diagnosed Braxton-Hicks contractions, and gave her a painkiller to take orally.

A nurse told the court this week the woman came into the clinic with a female and a male, who were giggling during the discussion. The woman said during the committal that a boy - a relative of her cousin's - was with them at the clinic. During the trial she said she had been wrong about this.

The trial continues.


July 2006


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